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Randy Bell lives in the mountains of western North Carolina where he is the Director of Spring Creek Spirituality.  A Zen practitioner for 40 years, his spiritual path takes him to many diverse sources, though he is principally a follower of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, and Lao-Tsu.  He has written extensively on various spiritual topics, maintained a spiritual sanctuary in the mountains of western North Carolina, is a guest speaker, and leads spiritual and personal growth workshops and retreat sessions.


Contact Randy at:

Spiritual Teachings

A variety of workshops, teaching activities, and retreat offerings.

Spiritual companioning, counseling and direction on an individual basis.

More information at

Book Writings:

God and Me: A Statement of Belief                        Buddhism: An Introductory Guide

Lessons from the Teacher Jesus                            Lessons from the Teacher Buddha

Lessons from the Teacher Moses                          Lessons from the Teacher Muhammad

Forms of Meditation                                           Starting a Personal Meditation Practice

Unpacking The Boxes of Our Attachments          Career Choices For Your Soul

Awareness, Insight & Mindfulness: 3 Steps on the Path to Wisdom

The Myths Of Our Founding Fathers And Their Constitution

Executive’s Guidebook for Institutional Change

Publications available from

McKee Learning Foundation &/or &/or

More information at

Blog Commentaries:

Our Spiritual Way

Supporting personal commitment, individual insight, and listening to guidance
as we share our spiritual journeys together.

Thoughts From The Mountain

A social commentary from a spiritual and ethical perspective.

Guest Teacher / Presenter:

      ·       National Wild Goose Festival – Spiritual Directors team

      ·       Advent Spirituality Center – “The Gathering,” and other sponsored workshops

      ·       Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte – guest speaker and leader

·       Department of Religion, Mt. Olive College – guest speaker

      ·       United Methodist Church, Mars Hill, NC – strategic planning retreat facilitator

·       Guest columnist – Asheville Citizens-Times

·       various independently offered workshops


Spiritual Instruction And Workshop Student With:

·       His Holiness the Dalai Lama

·       Sharon Salzburg

·       Lama Surya Das

·       Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Temper, New York

·       Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

·       Institute for Buddhist Studies, Barre, Massachusetts

  •  Member, Spiritual Directors International

  •   Member, North Carolina Writers Network

  • Former Board of Trustee member and Treasurer, Advent Spirituality Center

  • Steering Committee member, Center for Art and Spirit





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